Jonsered chainsaws

Jonsered Chainsaw CS 2152

Jonsered Chainsaw CS 2152This Jonsered professional chainsaw provides gradual acceleration and aggressive temperament which is given for being in a class of 50 cc chainsaws. With this combined to power-to-weight ratio design, it makes up an unbeaTABLE IF NOT EXISTS saw for maximum cutting efficiency. It has a lot of features which includes Ulticor, the most advanced machine design to provide excellent performance for toughest works. It is enhanced with an air purge for easy starting, efficient vibration-damping system, AntiVib, that reduces stress for the user and Spin Start that reduce the resistance in the starter cord up to 40%. It is also easy to maintain and operate. Along with it is a turbo air cleaning system that removes up to 97% of sawdust before it even reaches the air filter. To improve control and provide a faster and efficient operation, the engine’s housing is slim and compact. The crankcase is also made of magnesium which is lightweight and durable.

Chainsaw CS 2245 S

Chainsaw CS 2245 SLike any other Jonsered chainsaw, this CS 2245 S is designed to have the exclusive features of Jonsered such as Spin Start and air purge that provides the user an easier way to start. The Clean Power™ engine equipped on this chainsaw minimizes harmful exhaust emissions by 75% as well as increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20%. It also has a one push start switch for a quick start. The Spin Start feature reduces the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%. With its quick-release cylinder cover, access on air filter and spark plug is made easy. Its tool-less chain tensioning is great for maintenance of the bar and chain. With visible fuel level, you can easily determine when to fuel up your chainsaw.

Chainsaw CS 2125 T

Chainsaw CS 2125 TJonsered’s CS 2125 T chainsaw is designed to provide utmost safety to its users with its inertia-activated chain brake. This lightweight and well-balanced chainsaw is perfect to cater the needs of an arborist as it is easy to use and provides great service. Along with these features is its resilience and well-planned design, making it appropriate for orchard farming tasks.  
Jonsered chainsaws
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