Craftsman 34119 electric chainsaw

Craftsman 34119 [wptab name=’Overview’] This is a powerful electric chainsaw great for domestic chores, as it has a simplified design for basic functions. The adjustment allows quick and easy tightening or loosening of the chain for different functions. This model functions effectively, without emitting fumes that gasoline chainsaws do. There is no hustle in re-oiling the chainsaw, as it has an automatic oiler, which distributes the oil efficiently.

Customer reviews

I bought this unit, only to realize that the trigger and thumb switch demand a lot of effort, just to keep it running. This might be very good as a child safety measure, but it is tiresome to use. I got blisters from handling this chainsaw, and five months after this daunting ordeal, my hand still aches. That was the worst $100 I ever spent.


This is in reply to the above review. It seems you were using the chainsaw in all the wrong ways. Once you press the thumb button, it will release the trigger, and you can let go of it. That is very easy to handle. Mine works just fine, and I have no regrets so far.price [/wptab]

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Craftsman 34119 electric chainsaw
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