Best chainsaw review

So, lets take a look at the best chainsaw available on the market:

Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

The Husqvarna 450 is particularly designed to meet the necessities of homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. Its 3.2 HP engine and 18-inch bar makes it ideal for landowners and individuals who cuts occasionally.
This chainsaw is equipped with Smart Start and fuel pump providing its user an easy start and ease during operation. Manufactured in accordance with ergonomic design, this Husqvarna model offers efficient work as it minimizes fatigue and discomfort. It also has built-in exclusive Husqvarna features like injection technology and powerful X-Torq engine which produce low emissions.

Premium Features for Easy Operation

If you’re the type of user who needs fast action both when cutting and modifying, then this Husqvarna 450 is the perfect fit for you. Its snap-lock cylinder cover minimizes time when changing the spark-plugs or cleaning the unit. It offers a tool-less technology for a quick and easy chain tensioning and bar assembling. It also includes a quick-release air filter for quick replacement and features transparent fuel indicator making it easy for you to check your chainsaw’s fuel level.

Additional features include an inertia activated chain brake that decreases the chance of injury caused by kickback, and an air purge function that provides easy starting by extracting air out of the carburetor and fuel system. The product also comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Customer reviews:

I have been using this Husqvarna model for more than a year now and maybe it’s enough to give a precise review about it. Husqvarna 450 is my first Husqvarna chainsaw and gladly, I didn’t regret buying this. Before reading chainsaw reviews, I was thinking I would save money if I bought a lower cost Poulan chainsaw. But I was terribly wrong! it’s best to decide on quality chainsaw such as Husqvarna rather than buying chainsaws at lower cost and on the long run, it turns out it had cost you more.

Alright, to get it straight, this model is perfect for my 5 acre wood cutting needs. I do cutting occasionally and with its medium size, it is great for homeowners. However, if you’re into lots of cutting, you better get yourself a commercial chainsaw. The effectiveness of a chainsaw relies on its chain condition- dull chain, dull work. It makes all the difference in how fast you cut through the wood. I haven’t experienced any kickbacks for months of using this chainsaw. A 3/3”x0.05” Husqvarna chain is what I use for this model because it cuts really well, and have low kickback, as they say. There’s really a difference that you can tell between a new and just a sharpen chain- sharpness. Nothing is really sharp as a new one. I purchase the dremel sharpening kit to provide this need.

If I were you, don’t get yourself too occupied with the bad reviews. The only biggest issue about this model is the moment you try to make it start. But chances are high that those people are just not using the correct procedure or forgot to read the manual. One thing I know though, this model’s choke works perfect but if you forgot to turn it off, you will be flooding the engine eventually making it unable to start. Yes, I encountered it somehow that’s why I know. What I did was turn off the choke and pulled the cord several times to let the extra gas on the chamber burn off. Then, it would start up again.

In my case, I wasn’t too excited about the choke and off switch being on the same lever, maybe because I own lots of engine tools with separate choke. With its design, it made it easier for me to turn of the chainsaw accidentally from choked running. Although it’s personal opinion but that made this product demerit one star. Putting that aside, I would say this is a best chainsaw and would recommend it.

Best chainsaw review
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